Meet the Blue Marble Team

Sheryl Flynn PT, PhD


Sheryl founded this company because she is passionate about helping people stay and become healthy. Join her in preventing 1 million falls! 

Nina Withrington PT, DPT

Clinical Product Manager

Nina is a physical therapist who is passionate about making sure you get the most benefit out of this app. She leads our production team and informs our designs from a clinical perspective.

Robin Johnson PhD

Chief Science Officer

Robin is a cognitive neuroscientist who is passionate about making sure that data that is captured is accurate and meaningful.

Chris Ashford

Chief Operations Officer

Chris is a former fighter pilot, so it takes a lot to get him excited. He is super excited to help you reach your goals. Feel free to ask him how you can expand this program in your area.

Willy Hoffmann

Lead Designer

Willy is passionate about making sure your experience with this app is delightful. If there is any feature you would like to have, let him know- he will work on designing it in.

Paul Dupre

Lead Programmer

Paul is passionate about making sure the app works as it is intended. If you find any bugs he will squash them. Please let him know about them.

David Mershon


David is passionate about making sure the user interface works seamlessly and function as expected. If you have any trouble knowing what to do or how to use it, please let him know. Oh, and if you do like something, let him know that too, it will make him smile. 

Andrew Neff


Andrew is passionate about making sure all of the interesting elements in the app work as intended. Please let him know if something is not right. Oh, and Andrew is getting married soon, so send him luck on his new adventure.

Michael Stratton

Quality Assurance Manager

Michael has tried to find and squash as many bugs as he could. So if you find one, let him know- he will be sure to ask Paul, David or Andrew to fix it right up for you.

Paul Giovinco


Paul is an artist extraordinaire. He is passionate about the look and feel of this app. He was not the original artists, so don't worry you won't hurt his feelings if you let him know you want something changed. 

Ian S.

Webdeveloper and database developer

He makes sure all of the data reports from your app properly. Oh, and you can thank him for this page too. 

William Smith

Research Associate

William is committed to ensuring our data is accurate and research on our products runs smoothly. He does all this while lending another artistic eye to our products since he has a background in both science and art.

The Blue Marble Health team is passionate about what we do, so please stay in contact. We will try to respond to any and all concerns as quickly as possible. If there is something new you would like, let us know that too. While our roadmap is long, we will prioritize features based on requests from users like you!